Why Our Themes?

Why our themes are faster.

Most theme agencies consider performance as something that matters only at the end of the project. Like an additional layer to stack on top of everything else.

But they are wrong.

When built that way, themes are seldom easy to optimize. And once optimized, they are far from optimal. Conversely, for us, web performance is the absolute priority right from the start.

For this reason, we have built our themes from the ground up, narrowly following Google’s PageSpeed Rules.

Speed-Focused Features

Nobody Likes a Slow Website

Optimized Critical Rendering Path

The Critical Rendering Path is probably the most important concept in web performance. A theme with an optimized CRP will display content to the user as soon as possible.

This produces a better-perceived speed, resulting in greater user satisfaction.

Therefore, we are proud to provide themes with built-in Critical CSS and without blocking resources

Lighthouse Performance Report for TTFB.io

⚡️ Preload Links ⚡️
Preload of critical resources needed for the initial paint.

⚡️ Lazy Load ⚡️
Built-in images and videos lazy load, working with Intersection Observer.

⚡️ Fast Social Share Buttons ⚡️
Social share buttons may dramatically slow down your website. That’s why we include our homemade lightning-fast share buttons.

⚡️ Atomic CSS ⚡️
This keeps the stylesheet as small as possible. Moreover, it allows you to extend the theme without adding a single line of CSS.

⚡️ Clean-up Options ⚡️
Easily remove emojis, jQuery migrate, embeds and query strings.

⚡️ System Font Stack ⚡️
System fonts on today’s rich displays look amazing. So why not use them?

⚡️ Zero Dependency ⚡️
Not depending on jQuery or other libraries is a good performance habit.

⚡️ Lightweight ⚡️
Each resource is thoroughly inspected and weighed.

Fastest WordPress Themes

Our Themes Are Built to Give You 
Great Performance Without the Usual Hassle.