Meet Minimall, a speed-focused WordPress theme.  ​
It’s like a web-performance expert has optimized your site

Minimall - Performance-focused WordPress Theme


Minimall is perfect for agencies, bloggers and lovers of minimalist design. It supports Easy Digital Download, to create stunning digital e-commerce stores, and Gutenberg for beautiful blog posts.

Blazing speed

Minimall is packaged with everything needed for a super quick website. We offer an easy-to-follow guide to make it easy to get up and running with Minimall’s performance. Here are some of the performance features included:

  • Built-in Critical CSS
  • Built-in lazyload for images, background images and iframes
  • Built-in WordPress clean-up (disable emojis, disable embeds, remove query strings)
  • Preload of critical resources
  • Zero dependency

Discover the new writing experience

People like page builders because they give them the power to create advanced layouts without needing any knowledge of coding.

However at TTFB, we don’t like page builders very much because they tend to dramatically slow down WordPress sites.

That’s why we are so excited by the upcoming WordPress Block Editor, Gutenberg. Minimall supports Gutenberg 100%. As a matter of fact, this page is built with Gutenberg.

Easy Digital Download integration

Easy Digital Download (EDD) is the most popular e-commerce platform for selling digital goods. It is actively supported and used on thousands of sites.

Minimall comes with enough exclusive EDD widgets and sidebars to let you customize your shop the way you want it.

Unmatched Speed

Crafted from the start with performance in mind.

Automatic Updates

Never miss a new feature with hassle-free updates.

Seamless Demo Import

Get started quickly by importing the exact copy of the demo site.

SEO Optimized

A fast site improves your SEO ranking in search results.

Private Users Area

Specific template to display content to logged-in users only.

First Class Support

We offer a free, top notch, and humanized support.