Meet Light & Bold, a speed-focused WordPress theme
It’s like a web-performance expert has optimized your site

Light & Bold - Speed-Focused WordPress Theme


Looking for the fastest WordPress themes around? Search no further. The Light & Bold WordPress theme was created to give you an unfair speed advantage over your competitors.

Speed is now so important in the user experience that Google made it a key factor in determining search engine rankings.

The speed of your website is not only important to your customers’ experience, it can also prevent them from finding your website at all. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the fastest WordPress theme possible.

With Light & Bold, you get the best of both worlds: top performance in a beautifully designed package!

Blazing speed

Light & Bold is packaged with everything you need for a super quick website. Here are some of the performance features included:

  • Built-in Critical CSS
  • Built-in lazyload for images, background images and iframes
  • Built-in WordPress clean-up (disable emojis, disable embeds, remove query strings)
  • Preload of critical resources
  • Zero dependency

Unmatched Speed

Crafted from the start with performance in mind.

Automatic Updates

Never miss a new feature with hassle-free updates.

Seamless Demo Import

Get started quickly by importing the exact copy of the demo site.

SEO Optimized

A fast site improves your SEO ranking in search results.