Speed Toolbox

Here are some of the essential tools I use to run my business:

Fast Hosting

Cheap Option
TTFB is hosted on Siteground using the GOGEEK plan. I recommend Siteground for small agencies and personal websites.

Premium Option
If you are running a medium to a large WooCommerce site or if your site supports many connected users, I recommend Kinsta.

Note: I plan to switch to Kinsta next year. I’m still recommending Siteground though. Compare features and pick the company that fit best your needs.

Fast WordPress Theme

Of course, I recommend our speed-focused themes. They are the fastest themes on the market.


I’m a huge Cloudflare fan. Even on the free plan, Cloudflare is a good choice.

Hey! Check out my Cloudflare performance setup guide!

Caching Plugins

I like Cache Enabler for its simplicity and the fact that it is free. However, if you’re looking for something faster, you may try WP Rocket.

Image Optimization

My favorite image optimization plugin is Compress JPEG & PNG images by TinyPNG.Check out my guide on how to set it up.

Images on my websites are also magically optimized by Cloudflare 🙂

Email Marketing

For email marketing and list building, I use Mailchimp.


My analytic needs are elementary. So, I use the WordPress Jetpack Stats module.

For Google Analytics users, try the CAOS plugin 🙂