Light & Bold exclusive widgets

The Light & Bold theme features a number of custom widget areas located throughout the pages. You can easily customize your theme by adding images and other widgets to the footer as well as blog and page sidebars, if you desire. You can drag and drop any widget into place by going to the Appearance -> Widgets page or accessing the Widget areas via the Customizer.

The Widget areas available are:

  1. Page sidebar
  2. Blog sidebar
  3. Left footer
  4. Middle left footer
  5. Middle right footer
  6. Right footer

Exclusive Widgets

The Light & Bold theme includes 3 exclusive widgets to help you with the administration of your website.

Perf Address

This widget lets you easily add addresses, emails and multiple phone numbers. Simply press the “Add section” button, choose an icon and add your content. You can add as many sections as you want.


Perf Social Profiles

This widget provides a simple way to add your social profiles to your website. Like the Perf Address widget, simply press the “Add icon” button, choose an icon and add a link. You can add as many icons as you want.


Perf Image

This widget lets you add an image in a page’s sidebar or footer. It is an easy way to add ads or footer logos.


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