Light & Bold required and recommended plugins

The Light & Bold theme uses some free and paid plugins to extend its functionalities.

Required plugins

Advanced Custom Fields PRO
This plugin is bundled with the theme and is required to activate the Options page and more.

Extend Light & Bold
This plugin is bundled with the theme and is required to activate the theme functionalities.

Recommended plugins

Choosing only a few plugins was not an easy task.

Keeping our mission in mind—to make web performance accessible to everyone—, we put together a shortlist of recommended plugins. To build it, we considered the following criteria: easy to setup, free, and providing decent performance benefits.

Compress JPEG & PNG images
This plugin is a must-have. Its name says it all: The plugin compresses and optimizes images. It might require a little bit of setup, but trust us: It is worth it!

If you do not like the Compress JPEG & PNG images plugin, you could try Optimus or Imagify, two options that also deliver good results.

Getting started with Compress JPEG & PNG images

Cache Enabler – WordPress Cache
This plugin is a critical one. Cache Enabler is free, performs very well and is incredibly easy to setup. If you want an even quicker caching plugin, we recommend using WP Rocket. It is a paid plugin, but it is worth the investment.

Getting started with Cache Enabler – WordPress Cache

Contact Form 7
This plugin can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup.

Speed Up – Browser Caching
Most shared hosting services do not automatically activate browser cache and file compression options on Apache web servers. This plugin solves the problem.

Also recommended

CDN Enabler – WordPress CDN Plugin
Does your website use a CDN? Then CDN Enabler is a good solution.

Disqus Conditional Load
If like us, you appreciate Disqus’s comment system, you must keep in mind that the official Disqus plugin is pretty heavy. To solve that issue, you can turn to the Disqus Conditional Load plugin.

Complete Analytics Optimization Suite (CAOS)
Want to fix the Google Pagespeed error “Leverage browser caching” for Google Analytics? CAOS can solve the problem by hosting the Google Analytics script locally.

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