How do our themes differ from other themes?

Well, first of all, there is no other theme that focuses on performance first.

Building a performance-focused theme was not an easy task. To do so, we needed to make our themes completely different from other WordPress themes.

Design with performance in mind

It’s hard to achieve performance if, from the start, your theme is not designed with it in mind.

Does your theme’s homepage start with a large slider? Are you aware that carousels are virtually useless? Does your website loads a background video or HD image?

While these sites may be visually arresting (although, for a lot of them, that’s certainly debatable), a good many visitors will never stick around to see them. 74% of mobile web users will leave a site if it takes longer than 5 seconds to load. That means you have 5 seconds of someone’s time to get them what they want, or they’re gone.
Brad Frost

Our themes are really fast

Unlike other theme agencies, we have built our theme following all of the page speed rules developed by Google.

If a feature slows our theme down and we cannot do anything to fix the issue, we simply remove the feature.

Take a look at our metrics for the Light & Bold theme:

No drag-and-drop page builder

If you want to achieve ultimate performance, we do not recommend using drag-and-drop page builders such as Visual Composer. These plugins tend to slow websites down dramatically.

To help you build a good-looking website without using drag-and-drop page builder plugins, we have created several sample pages with different content types and layouts. These pages are available on our demo site and are free when you purchase the theme. Using these pages, you will be able to quickly personalize your website with your content.

Building pages is as easy as filling out a form!


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