Getting Started with Minimall

This page details the setup and use of the Minimall theme and provides answers and solutions to common problems and issues. We recommend reading this article thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulty.

Installing the Minimall Theme

You must first download the theme onto your computer before you can install it. Once the theme is downloaded, follow the step-by-step directions below.

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Minimall theme installation

Installing the Recommended Plugins

The best way to get started quickly is to install and activate all the required plugins.

Minimall – Installing the Recommended Plugins

Importing the Demo

Once all the required plugins are installed and activated, you can safely import the demo. This option will replicate the Minimall demo site, giving you a better overview of Minimall’s features.

Minimall Demo Site Import

Editing the Homepage

Edit Minimall Homepage

Configuring Minimall Options

Customize Minimall Options

Activate your License

Minimall License Activation

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