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Nobody Likes a Slow Website

How to Set Up Cloudflare to Cache WordPress Pages

By default, Cloudflare caches static assets such as stylesheets, images and scripts.

But not everyone is aware that it can also cache your entire website if requested. That’s right: just like a regular caching plugin.

What’s more, pages that are cached in this way are then served from the Cloudflare network. This means your site could get a terrific response time, regardless of where visitors are located.

Introducing Light & Bold

As a web developer and web performance evangelist, I spend a lot of time optimizing my websites. Having access to a well-optimized theme would have made my life so much easier…

So, as a response, I created Light & Bold which, after a year or so, has now completed Themeforest’s approval process. Today, I’m proud to officially introduce the Light & Bold theme. The fastest WordPress theme on the market.